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  • Doob Tubes - Small Airtight Packaging Tube! 4

    Compact and Airtight Tube for Travel Assorted Colors & Assorted Slogans Odor Free, Air Tight, and Water Proof Tubes

  • Vacuum tube - Wikipedia

    A vacuum tube consists of two or more electrodes in a vacuum inside an airtight envelope. Most tubes have glass envelopes with a glass-to-metal seal based on kovar sealable borosilicate glasses, though ceramic and metal envelopes (atop insulating bases) have been used.

  • Earth Tube Concerns - Home in the Earth

    Earth Tube Concerns. A variety of concerns are often stated as reasons why earth tubes should not be used or may even be dangerous. These range from concerns about cost effectiveness to serious health concerns related to mold or radon.

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    Heat Recovery Ventilation Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) It's important for your property to breathe, especially when it's super insulated and airtight to provide maximum energy efficiency.

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