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  • Hawaiian Tropical Plant Nursery: Medicinal & Ethnobotanical

    Nursery and farm specializing in rare and uncommon tropical ornamentals, fruits, bamboo, palms, spices and herbs

  • Hawaiian Tropical Plant Nursery: Spice & Beverage Plants

    Nursery and farm specializing in rare and uncommon tropical ornamentals, fruits, bamboo, palms, spices and herbs

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  • Free Resources - Forest & Kim Starr (Starr Environmental)

    Free resources provided by Forest & Kim Starr (Starr Environmental).

  • R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company - Wikipedia

    The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR), based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and founded by R. J. Reynolds in 1875, is the second-largest tobacco company in the U.S. (behind Altria).

  • Plants | California Poison Control System | UCSF

    This is a guide to safe plants but it should not be used as a substitute for calling the poison center if a person or an animal has eaten a plant.

  • What the Indians really smoked in their peace pipes. | Forest

    No, you're right I need to add a blog on the various plants that they used separately and together to mix regional Tobacco blends. One of the most common blends was called Kinni-kinnick, which is a distinct plant by itself, but often served as the base of a regional blend.

  • Solanum - Wikipedia

    Solanum is a large and diverse genus of flowering plants, which include two food crops of high economic importance, the potato and the tomato.It also contains the nightshades and horse nettles, as well as numerous plants cultivated for their ornamental flowers and fruit.

  • The Growth of the Tobacco Trade [ushistory.org]

    The English settled in what is now Virginia, hoping to find gold, as the Spanish had in S. America. Finding none, they instead turned to growing and exporting a New World plant that proved extremely lucrative: tobacco.

  • Musa zebrina - Blood Banana - Musaceae - Cal's Plant of the Week

    Musa zebrina, or Blood Banana, is a tender evergreen perennial native to Indonesia.The colorful leaves are dark green with red splotches on the topside and wine red on the underside with a brownish midrib.

  • Surrender Your Guns, Police Tell Hawaiian Medical - Leafly

    Federal law clearly prohibits anyone who consumes cannabis—for any reason, and regardless of state legality—from purchasing a firearm. On the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Form 1140-0020, which must be completed by firearm purchasers, applicants are asked if they are “an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or

  • 472 Mailability | Postal Explorer

    472 Mailability 472.1 General . Except as provided in 472.2, all cigarettes (including roll-your-own tobacco) and smokeless tobacco are nonmailable and shall not be deposited in or carried through the Postal Service mailstream.

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