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    MORE NEWS Latest Newsflash3 Side Feature Phillip Morris Introduces ‘Marlboro M' Marijuana Cigarettes. Phillip Morris, the world's biggest cigarette producer, announced today that they will join the marijuana legalization bandwagon and start producing

  • Secondhand Smoke Studies: The Hype and The Deceit

    Research consultancy and policy advice to reduce heart disease, cancer and smoking, and promote better nutrition.

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    Secondhand smoke can triple risk of lung cancer by ANDRÉ PICARD / PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTER Source: Globe and Mail, July 12, 2001 Region: CANADA People who are routinely exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke, such as workers in bars and restaurants, can see their risk of lung cancer triple, a new study says.

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    Tobacco is a product prepared from the leaves of the tobacco plant by curing them. The plant is part of the genus Nicotiana and of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family. While more than 70 species of tobacco are known, the chief commercial crop is N. tabacum.

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    The latest news on healthcare advancements and research, as well as personal wellness tips.

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    As states loosen their marijuana laws, a doctor warns that the drug can be addictive and harmful to younger minds.

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    The deeper issue that never sees the light of day is the hypocrisy of the so called “war on drugs”. This of course is a misnomer for the “war on illegal drugs”.

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    War! You know what it is good for? Stories of unfathomable badassery, that's what. Over the years, we at Cracked have gathered a formidable collection of these stories, and we've put the very best of them here so that a whole new generation of readers can feel inadequate about their life choices

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