indian use of chewing tobacco

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    Chewing tobacco: Chewing tobacco, tobacco used for chewing and that appears in a variety of forms, notably (1) “flat plug,” a compressed rectangular cake of bright tobacco, sweetened lightly or not at all, (2) “navy,” a flat rectangular cake of burley tobacco, highly flavoured with either licorice, rum, cinnamon,

  • CDC - Smokeless Products - Smoking & Tobacco Use

    Find information on smokeless products, such as chewing tobacco and snuff, their health effects, how they are marketed, and the latest data on their use in the United States.

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    Tobacco is the agricultural product of the leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana.All species of Nicotiana contain the addictive drug nicotine—a stimulant and sedative contained in all parts of the plants except the seeds—which occurs in varying amounts depending on the species and variety cultivated.

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    Bersirih, nyirih or menginang is a Malay-Indonesian tradition of chewing materials such as nut, betel, gambier, tobacco, clove and limestone. Menginang tradition or chewing betel nut is widespread among Indonesian ethnic groups, especially among the Javanese, Balinese and Malay people; dating back to more than 3000 years.

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    American chew or chewing tobacco as it is sometimes referred to is a smokeless tobacco product with a long tradition. Chewing tobacco has been manufactured and used in the USA for many hundreds of years.

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  • CDC - Basic Information - Smoking & Tobacco Use

    Health Effects Information on diseases caused by tobacco use, such as cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases.

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