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  • The Trouble Begins at 8: A Life of Mark Twain in the Wild

    "Mark Twain was born fully grown, with a cheap cigar clamped between his teeth." So begins Sid Fleischman's ramble-scramble biography of the great American author and wit, who started life in a Missouri village as a barefoot boy named Samuel Clemens.

  • Mark Twain - 1000 quotes

    Known for his razor sharp wit and ever-present cigar, Mark Twain is one of America's most respected and appreciated humorists. In addition to his classic works, including, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Twain's satires and folksy tales found their way into the heart's of the American public.

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  • Mark Twain quotations - Cigars

    Illustration from the Dave Thomson collection. From THE UNABRIDGED MARK TWAIN, Running Press, 1976 with opening remarks by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

  • Mark Twain and the Jews - Jewish Virtual Library

    Mark Twain, considered America's greatest writer, was far more than a humorist. After the Civil War, he served as America's conscience on ethnic and racial issues.

  • Mark Twain's Angelfish - Mark Twain Angelfish Roster

    Angel-fish pin given by Mark Twain to Louise Paine. Photo courtesy of Heather Morgan, Mark Twain Library, Redding, CT

  • 10 Of The Craziest Things Mark Twain Ever Did - Listverse

    Mark Twain might be America's best-known writer. In his trademark white suits, ever-present cigar, unkempt mop of white hair, and bushy moustache, the man had an undeniably eccentric look. And eccentric he was—perhaps even more than the characters in his books. In his later years, Twain found

  • Mark Twain Memoir - Pipes and Cigars

    Mark Twain was a legendary author and humorist who was rarely seen without a cigar or pipe. Despite his success, he was known for smoking good, but inexpensive cigars, and a lot of them.

  • Mark Twain (Creator) - TV Tropes

    A page for describing Creator: Mark Twain. Boston, Massachusetts, November 1869. A short, thin man wearing a cheap suit, an unkempt mop of red hair, a long …

  • Cigars Magazine - Cigar quotes - cigar quote, cigar sentences

    Cigar Quotes A Collection of Witty Remarks and Unquestionable Truths about the cigar. There aren't too many bad habits that can inspire such amusing quotes.

  • The Only Footage of Mark Twain: The Original & Digitally

    We know what Mark Twain looked like, and we think we know what he sounded like. Just above see what he looked like in motion, strolling around Stormfield, his house in Redding, Connecticut---signature white suit draped loosely around his frame, signature cigar puffing white smoke between his fingers

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